Alexia Sims Mansour recently moved to a dreamy and sleepy suburb of Lansing after spending the last three years staring at the Michigan's Capitol building and hearing fire engines and police sirens on the regular.

Yes. She's the oldest sister. And yes. She's bossy. But this particular collaboration is sure to be completely democratic and not at all oldest vs. middle child. In fact, Ali has longed to work on some project with her little sister for years now, ever since she realized Tracey was definitely scored the most writing talent in the family. 

Alexia began blogging in 2010 after her first child, a sassy little girl named Cedella, was welcomed into the world. Babies & Bacon quickly became a space to vent, to teach, to commiserate and to celebrate for her and all her readers. Though the blog slowed down considerably since her second child, another little girl, Isora was born in 2012, she is still at her core a writer and can't wait to start blogging about this next great adventure in her life: home ownership. 

Random things about Alexia:

1. She has been married to her husband Michael for 5 years. And if you're doing the math, yes, Cedella was a honeymoon baby they brought back with them from Italy. 

2. She may have a slight Facebook problem. Only a little oversharing. 

3. She is a die-hard Whovian. For the un-nerds that's a really cool person that's really into Doctor Who. 

4. She has met countless celebrities and has a million funny stories from those encounters, particularly from her days working in the film business. If you ever meet her ask her about the Chaka Khan story. 

5. She's definitely the long-winded one in the family. 

6. She is a Libra through and through. 

7. Despite being only known by most family and life-long friends as Ali, her husband and inlaws only call her Alexia. Michael insists that Alexia is way hotter than Ali. He may have a point there...

8. If you get to meet her in real life she loves wine and whiskey and beer and Moscow Mules and...well. She likes to drink. Buy her one already. 

9. These two amazing creatures are the most important people in the entire world to her. Cause they are most certainly made of awesome. 



Tracey Sims is a Detroit-based film and video writer, an award-winning filmmaker, and now... blogger.

Just two years apart from her big sister Alexia, the pair have been keen on collaborating on a creative project for pretty much their entire adult lives. It's a weird brand of sister kismet that they happened to wind up buying their first homes within months of each other. The creative stars were aligned.

While blogging isn't totally new to her... she's blogged about music and film in varying capacities since 2004... 2 Sisters 2 Houses brings together many of the things she's most passionate about: interior design, writing, and family.

Other random things to know about Tracey:

1. She is as obsessed with movies and television as she about home design.

2. Her favorite, must-check-every-day website is Pajiba.

3. She is a huge Buffy the Vampire Slayer fangirl. 

4. She co-wrote and directed an award-winning short film called Open City that premiered in 2013. You can watch it here.

5. Tracey works a day job at a Detroit-area homeless shelter. She resists the urge to coordinate the resident's bedding daily.

6. She's a Virgo. Not a Libra, as Ali insists.

7. Tracey calls Alexia by her lifelong nickname, Ali (pronounced "alley"). She finds it strange when people call her Alexia. Way too many syllables.

8. She wishes she could meet and share a beer with each and every 2 Sisters 2 Houses reader. She loves beer. And you, of course.