First things first

BLANKET DISCLAIMER: Ali is the sister with the good camera. I'm the one with the iPhone 4S and generally poor eyesight. Sorry about the shitshow of photos throughout. One day I'll get a grown-up camera. I swear.

It's been a good, long four days since I've been in my new house. And I've already started making all the design changes I've been dreaming about since I first laid eyes on the house back in July. In fact, I spent the brief four hours I had today before heading to my day job getting the first few coats of paint on the walls in my living room.


The funny thing about all this progress? It's kind of accidental. See, I planned on taking the first few days I was in my new place to relax and reflect; to sleep and take it easy before I start any new projects. But late Thursday night... long after the movers had pulled out of the drive and Ali and Mom headed home, I opened the big, brown box from Comcast with my modem, cable box and fancy home security system and got to work.

Three hours and six exasperating calls later, no service was to be had. Comcast, as reliably unreliable as ever, screwed something up. Without internet to get my Roku up and running, my plan to drink celebratory champers with Sailor (my handsome kitty) while watching Project Runway was dashed. Instead, I unpacked and organized 60% of my clothing and made my bed. The real way.

Without the distraction of Pinterest, Hulu and Buffy eps on Netflix, I actually started, you know, unpacking and working on all the projects I'd been blathering on about to anyone who'd listen. I think they call this putting the money where the mouth is. Or something.

On Friday, instead of rewatching the last few eps of Arrow before the season premiere this week, I started peeling the disgusting wallpaper in my kitchen.

In the above picture, I peeled back a bit of paper that was overlapped. The former tenant of my house was a smoker. This is like a before and after of what chain smokers do to walls and wallpaper. She only lived there six years. Frakkin' disgusting.


Then, after work on Saturday, I was planning on rewatching Borgman, the best movie I've seen in years, but as I'd need a WiFi connection to view it, I went to IKEA instead. I picked up a VITTSJÖ shelving unit to add to my kitchen for storage. I even rediscovered some gems in my DVD collection while I was building it. River's Edge is just as good now as it was when I was a teenager.

This unit may get painted bright red after awhile. I'll use it to store pantry goods and overflow dishes.

Today I decided that my ill-fated attempt to get back together with Comcast was a terrible idea. I'll be going back to AT&T with open arms (and free HBO!). I would, however, like to take the time to thank Comcast. For it was their douchebaggery that ultimately put me to work. In the week I have before my new WiFi setup is installed, I plan to tackle these projects...

  • Continue painting living room... one wall at a time
  • Paint dresser in guest room shiny black
  • Replace outlet/switch covers in all rooms
  • Replace light fixtures in full bath and kitchen
  • Test paint colors for bathroom ceiling

When I get access to HBO, though, all bets are off. Six Feet Under marathon anyone?