You light up my life

Today was the first day off I've had since I moved into my house, meaning the first REAL day I've had to really dig in. Thankfully two of the best ladies I know, my Mom and my baby sister Ky came by and we went to work. First thing on the list? Update the kitchen and bathroom lighting. That means not one or two, but THREE new fixtures. Man, my family must really love me. Let's go to work. 

First up, replacing the dated 5-light brass-and wood model with an industrial-style pendant. This was the kitchen when I first saw the house in July. Please ignore the dreadful cabinet/paint/border combination. This will all change in due time.  


Ky did the heavy lifting while I worked on attaching the electrics.

Mom ran around catching falling screws and grabbing tools and such. She would've been an excellent PA on a film set. And Ky held up those fixtures without complaint, though I know my arms would've been killing me! 


In the end, it went up easily. It was a bargain from Amazon. Just $39.00. It's not as bright as the other fixture, but it'll be a much better look once I get the work island in underneath it.

This is the island I'm thinking about. But I digress. 

Next up was the the violently unattractive fluorescent fixture that lit the kitchen work triangle.  

Yeah. Kind of the worst. In keeping with the theme of sleek industrial, I chose this fixture, also from Amazon, and from the same manufacturer. It was only $80.00 when I purchased it. Guess I caught a sale.

I liked that the shape filled relatively the same amount of space as the previous fixture. My kitchen is rectangular, so this is a good fit. 

This one was a little trickier to figure out how to hang, but in the end, still went up pretty easy.  

Onto the bathroom...

This light fixture is... I don't even know. The butterflies are a nice touch, I know. 

I wanted a cheap and unique solution for a replacement. And because I'm not planning in moving the junction box, it needed to be similar in shape and size to the existing fixture. The solution actually came in two parts. The first was installing an inexpensive "bar" fixture.

Bar lights come in a variety of finishes and bulb count. I chose this $16.00 Home Depot model precisely because of the bulb count and length.

Boring, I know. But worry not. It's simply setting the stage for the second part. 


Soooo much better. This is a cool thing I found on the internet. It's called a "vanity refresh kit," but really it's a giant wall-mounted lamp shade specifically designed to conceal boring bar fixtures. It comes in three styles. This is the largest. It was crazy-easy to install. Just mount a support bar above the fixture (make sure it's level), then set the shade on top.

I bought this on Amazon, but from the looks of it, it's either not made anymore or just really hard to find.  But at $20.00, it fit the bill. I'm in love with this unique look. And while I've strayed a bit from from my original concept, this new piece will definitely set the stage for my ever-evolving bathroom update. 

Thanks again to Mom and Ky for hanging in here with me for a day of drywall dust and squeezing around stacks of boxes and paint-wet walls. You ladies are a class act.  

Stay tuned to see the rest of what I've been up to in my new space. Believe me there's a ton more projects--big AND small--to fill y'all in on. See you soon!