Friday Favorites: Comfy Chairs

I'll admit it. I'm insanely jealous of my sister's pair. But I mean COME ON! They're amazing. They're curvy, soft and well-built. And there isn't another pair like them on the planet. Just look at them in all their glory...

Best pair of comfy chairs ever. What'd you think I was talking about?

I've been on the hunt for a great, inexpensive chair for my bedroom for some time. And it turns out that a good cheap chair is hard to find--especially one that's not merely pretty but one you'd actually sit in. So presented here, our fave cheap (or cheap-ish) cozy chairs.


1. Candace Arm Chair

The inspiration for this one is obvious. Ali and I both love a good Ikat print. And while Ali's masterpieces are one-of-a-kind, this chair is an inexpensive but playful piece that looks pretty comfy to me. I'd use a pair as head chairs in a dark-toned dining room. Target. $203.00.

2. Fog Kendall Chair

I love that the formal, tufted look of this chair is made modern by the boxy shape. I've always been a fan of chairs and sofas with the same back and arm height. There's just something really sleek about the wraparound style. Plus the light grey tone would work in virtually any space. Not the cheapest thing out there, but it's less expensive than this similar one from Urban Outfitters. At this price, you should be able to hold onto it for years to come. World Market. $429.00.

3. Franklin and Ben Crescent Glider.

Yes, it's a glider for a nursery, but who says you can't use it in a living room or bedroom? It has great lines and looks crazy comfy. Plus it's slipcovered, which gives it both a casual look and hides the swivel/glider base. I'm in. Wayfair. $400.00 (you can get it for much less if you wait around for one of Wayfair's sales, which happen frequently).

4. Modern Chair

This chair is straight up sexy and comes in multiple colors. I like this mid-century turquoise best. The tapered back and button detail gives it a feminine polish that most MCM-style chairs don't have. Urban Outfitters. $300.00.

5. Strandmon in Skiftebo Orange

Now a modern classic, this updated IKEA wingback is comfy. I've flirted with buying it for the past few years, but have yet to pull the trigger. This newer orange shade might seal the deal. Who doesn't love a wingback? Especially one that doesn't look like it came from grandma's attic? IKEA. $279.00


1. Chair and Half Rocker in Grey

One of the things I'm not lacking in our new home is chairs. We are chair-heavy in this place. Particularly with that sweet set of reupholstered ikat midcentury modern ones that grace our living room.

But THIS is the type of chair I'm searching for right now. The only chair we're currently lacking. A comfy, padded, snuggle-up-and-read-in-it kind of chair. One that would be excellent to read to the kids in. One that's good for nursing a toddler or baby or both. One that replaces the disastrous and horribly unstylish gliding chair we had in the last house. The clean lines, mid-tone gray color and clean white piping are timeless and classic enough to fit many different rooms in our home. And with good reviews and a Target price tag this baby could be coming to live with us sooner than later. Eddie Bauer @ TARGET $400

2. Bliss Chair and a Half

I'm not sure what it is about a chair-and-a-half that I adore. But I do. This pricey version is down-filled and linen-covered. And soooooooo dreamy. I can imagine the bliss I would indeed feel sitting in this chair with a hot cup of coffee and the newest edition of HGTV magazine. WEST ELM $799 (special at time of publishing $679)

3. Engage Arm Chair in Teal

Couldn't have a list of mine without one midcentury-inspired look, right? And turquoise to boot? Yes. I'm in love. I think this chair looks like a good night of TV binge-watching waiting to happen. Sadly the Teal and equally midcentury-leaning Atomic Red are out of stock at present but so worth putting on a wait list! ALL MODERN $470

4. Mason Leather Chair in Espresso

For some reason leather furniture rarely makes it on my favorites lists. Well, that's not true. It's not for some reason. It's for two very good reasons. 1. Leather has a tendency to lean 'contemporary' instead of the more modern or bohemian style I prefer. 2. Fat Roll Arms. You know what I'm talking about right? Those big ugly rolls on the arms of leather couches and chairs. They're the worst. But this chair? Clean. Classic. Masculine. Attractive. Imagine it about 10 years worn in (I think I would take a sanding block to it asap). I love. WORLD MARKET $400

5. Nina Chair in Fuschia

This chair is PINK! But Cedella absolutely fell in love with this one when we were at World Market the last time. World Market is one of my happy places. Everything from furniture to ethnic knick knacks to world food products and WINE! But seriously the furniture? Great quality and very decent prices. Not to mention there's just about always a 20% off sale. So when we redo the girls room in a couple months with bunk beds this beauty may just find a new home. WORLD MARKET $300

So that's our favorite comfy chairs of the moment. How about you? What do you look for in a comfy chair? Which are your favorites from our lists? Any that you find just totally hideous?