Nummer House: Phase 1 bathroom reveal

For reasons of cleanliness, budget and pure aesthetics, the first room I chose to overhaul in my new house was the full bathroom. It's small and doesn't need any major work done immediately. Just some paint, new decor and some MAJOR cleaning. So I got to daydreaming about what I wanted the space to look like, then put together this Polyvore board for inspiration.

My plan, as plans generally do, deviated from course pretty quickly. Mostly for budgeting reasons. But the overall look and feel carried through. I wanted white walls and a grey ceiling with grey, black and white accents. I also realized that I'd have to save a few of the larger projects (tile, floors, ect.) for a Phase 2 plan that will begin after tax returns come back, if you know what I mean (I'm broke, yo).

So here's the before pick from when I first saw the house.


And here's what it looks like today.


Please ignore all the hole small holes/wall anchors sticking out of the tile. I have NO IDEA how to remove/repair them. Any suggestions are welcome!


The biggest change is, of course the walls and ceiling. $36.00/gallon straight up untinted white paint. Behr satin finish paint/primer mix. $16.00/quart Behr satin finish paint/primer mix in Pewter mug. This gray has a very slightly blue mid-tone. Gorgeous. I'd paint anything with it. **Touchups are imminent. Don't roll your eyes!**

The floor-to-ceiling shower curtain I ended up going with is actually a full-sized flat sheet I bought on sale at K-mart as part of a $13.00 set on clearance (way cheaper than my original pick). It's light and airy, but admittedly a tad too long. I'll give it a haircut/hem the next time I've got 20 dull minutes to spare. It hangs on a $20.00 black rod from Amazon in front of the extra-long liner, $16.00 from Amazon (including hanging rings). The second black shower rod came with the house.

I skipped the awesome Carpe That Fucking Diem rug, as I finally convinced myself that I had to get a real bathmat and not just use a flatwoven rug that wouldn't absorb water. The super-thick, oversized one I chose was Nate Berkus from Target. $25.00.

I covered the lighting overhaul in detail in this post. The 4-bulb fixture was $16.00 from Home Depot. The shade kit was $20.00 from Amazon. Additionally, I was convinced I'd have to replace the awesomely useful but scarily dirty fan/light/heater combo in the ceiling. It was also missing the cover for the bulb. But on Ali's suggestion, I looked instead for a replacement bulb cover and was pleased to find one for just $12.00. I cleaned it up and it looks great now. Thanks for the suggestion, Al!

This was taken before the wall paint and shower curtain change.

The floating shelves above the toilet were a real need, not just a want as there is no linen closet to be had in this house. But if you notice, the tile in this bathroom runs more than halfway up the wall and the space between where the mirror ends and the wall ends is tight. I looked into stock floating shelves, but ended up having custom shelves made through a source I discovered on eBay. And in this case, "custom" does not equal expensive. I ordered four 4" deep and 18" wide shelves. He made them--and even painted them a sleek flat black--for $14.00 each. Not free, but I love that I got exactly what I wanted without having to compromise. They even came with the proper mounting hardware. It took me 20 minutes to put up all four.

I skipped the awesome skull soap dispenser I wanted from Mod Cloth in lieu of this one from H&M that was less than half the price. I also picked up a few extra goodies from H&M's home section. I love this little copper basket (which will eventually hold washcloths) and this vintage-look metal container (on the top shelf in the pic above) I use to stash my brushes and combs. $26.00 combined for these fun details. The IKEA trash can was $10.00 and the black toilet seat was $30.00 from Amazon.

Lastly, the artwork. I splurged and bought this Whovian print for $23.00 and spent another $8.00 on an IKEA frame to put it in.

The goofy bird print was $6.00 from IKEA pus another $14.00 for the frame/mat. 

The final finishing touch? This incredibly adorable antique stool used to hold toilet paper. It was a $25 eBay find that I went completely after first seeing them used when we wrote our fave bathrooms post a few months ago. OBSESSED.


GRAND TOTAL: $330.00(ish)

I think did pretty well, given my $300.00 budget. Plus, I have a ton of paint left for other projects. The toilet paper stool was the thing that really put me over budget. But I HAD to have it! I'm still desperately seeking a TARDIS toothbrush holder, but alas, they are out of stock. 

But wait, there's more! Phase 2 (aka "Tax Return Phase") will see the yucky linoleum swapped out for very cool peel-and-stick tile stripes, a new roller shade added, the accent tiles painted black and all the grout dyed black (see the inspiration board). But for now, I'm happy to check this phase of the project off as DONEZO. In the meantime, I'm considering a Kickstarter campaign to fund the purchase of a real camera. (shakes head in shame.)