Happy One Month-iversary to me!

This week, I celebrate the first 30 days I've been in my new house. And holy shit have I been busy. As I began conceiving this post, it really hit me just how much work I've done in such a short period. **pats self on back... pour self whiskey shot** 

Let's take a look back at my first month of projects.


Painting. So. Much. Painting.

The ceiling and walls of the main bathroom.

Two of the walls in the living room (a much bigger feat than it seems).

The hallway.


Not even close to being finished, but pretty well on the way.

I made a very pleasant discovery this past weekend. The wallpaper on the wall in the backsplash area is actually pasted to thin plywood sheets nailed to the wall! Meaning, I just have to remove the plywood, not the wallpaper. Halleloo!


So far, I've replaced five light fixtures. Yep, all by myself. Well, mostly. Mom and Ky helped me with the kitchen fixtures. I couldn't have done it without them. Little do they know that I'll be calling on them very soon for a ceiling fan intervention. See this post for all the nitty grit.

The hallway lights were a cool little project. I picked them up for $20.00 each at Home Depot.

I bought these on Ali's suggestion. She has a larger version of the same one hanging in her hallway. They actually came in an oil rubbed bronze finish and I painted them flat black before I hung them. It's a small change that took mere minutes, but I'm so glad I did it.

When the ceiling is painted this week, it'll be the real test if they fit the look I'm going for. If not, at least it wasn't a huge investment.


This was the painting, shelf and shower curtain hanging bonanza I completed about two weeks ago. My biggest project to date and my first real, grown up, decorated bathroom. I'm in love! Check out the bathroom reveal post for more.


This project sucks and I'm convinced that it's never going to be finished right, but still I plug away. Basically, it used to look like this...

Which went really well with the colorful, art-heavy dining room in my old place. I wanted a more classic look for this house that would do my amazing Thonet chairs justice.


Pretty and sleek, just like I wanted. Unfortunately, the paint job is whack. See that white spot on the bottom left? That's paper leftover from a carryout container of A&W cheese curds that stuck to the surface. Boooooo. Lesson learned: DON'T USE CHEAP ASS PAINT ON HEAVY-USE FURNITURE PROJECTS! Also, skip the cheese curds. No one really needs cheese curds. More on this mess later.


There's nothing I loathe more than blank-ass walls. Well, Tea Partiers maybe. But a giant, stark white wall is too sad for words.

The wall collage in the living room near my front door has begun. I even hung art in my hallway before I painted... knowing I'd just be taking it down a few days later. It'll go back up just this way when I finish painting the ceiling.

There's art in the bathroom now. All my favorite tongue-in-cheek pieces to counteract the seriousness of the black, white and grey palette. EXFOLIATE!


This also turned out to be a temporary project, as these shelves, originally placed in my living room, have already moved to the office... along with all the books placed there. The shelves, discontinued IKEA metal shelving units, simply weren't substantial enough to accommodate my sizable fiction collection. I'll be saving up money to buy three bigass Billys from IKEA. Hopefully this will happen in January.


This room has miles to go. But for now, it's decluttered enough for my guests (mostly Ali and the girls) to sleep comfortably. It's definitely kid-friendly. 


The dresser and walls will eventually see coats of paint. And this isn't the final styling. I haven't really settled on any one thing yet. Maybe I should ask the room's most frequent guests, Ella and Izzie, what they think...

That's the big stuff for the most part. And, like Warner Bros., there are lots of other projects big and small in various stages of development. I'm also working on a "look board" for the whole space. It's fancy. I'm using Photoshop and everything. I probably should've started it before I moved in, but, in all honesty, I'm glad I didn't. What I thought I wanted my house to look like and what it's kind of organically turned into are two very different things. We'll see in time how it all comes together.