Hulett House: The Before Tour

When I saw this house on one of my daily searches I was more than a little intrigued. And more than a little unimpressed. It was listed without so much as a single picture of the interior and one (poorly composed I might add) shot of the exterior. 

But the price and the neighborhood were absolutely right. Besides from the sq. footage and age we knew it was a house that could potentially fill our needs.

And then we went for our first showing.

And while their were plenty of things that were off-putting, like the stove on the end of a penisula and completely exposed to fingers of small people and the one car garage, there were so many features we absolutely loved.

With all that being said let's take a tour of what this house was when we bought it (WARNING: This is going to be picture heavy. Like TONS.)


The front of the house as seen before we even walked in for the first time. Look at all that yellow and dirty aluminum. 


The back of the house. Screened in porch or 'Sun Room' on the left and super sweet deck on the right. And yes that's a patio sliding door upstairs. And no, there's no actual deck or balcony it leads to, just the flat roof of the 'Sun Room'. And why on Earth are they called Sun Rooms? It's shady so no actual sun enters that room. Perhaps 'Shade Room' would be more appropriate. Either way this is such a nice room to have, not sure we've taken full advantage of it yet. 


Seriously. Weirdest placement of a patio door ever. 


The backyard view from the deck. You can just barely see the swing set in this picture. We were a bit worried that it wasn't going to be structurally sound but it's in really great shape and the girls play on it every single day. 

So starting from walking into the first door...The First Level. 

There is only one pic I can find of the hideousness that is the faux finish that was on the front hall walls. It was rust and light orange. I think it was supposed to be faux marble. Or granite or aged or something. It was awful. 


And here's the view of the kitchen from the front door. Yes. That's a LOT of cabinet fronts, isn't it? And they're so awfully 80's. But there is a tremendous ton of storage. 


We loved how open the whole first floor was. Looking from the living room into the dining room and kitchen.  


And there's the damn stove in the middle of the room. It's not as bothersome as we initially thought it was. But when we eventually redo the kitchen this baby is moving somewhere more appropriate.


And this weird little countertop and book shelf combo aka The Shit Keeper. It just gathers stuff and it's super cluttered and I hate it. Also exiting as soon as we renovate the kitchen.


And now the Lower Level or the Basement or the Family Room. Really haven't settled on a name for it yet. But Downstairs. 

This is the wall you see when you come down the stairs on the right. And that little blur, is Izzie. The door on the left of the frame leads to the garage. 


The fireplace is directly across from the long empty wall. And to the left was a set of built-ins. We literally removed the doors within hours of owning the house because Cedella had Isora shut into the bottom cupboard. And those built-ins weren't long for this family anyways. Tracey and I already demo-ed this bad boy.


This is the opposite side of the room. What we've made the play room. The little door in the right leads to the corner Lazy Susan cupboard in the kitchen. Too cool. 


The door to the Shade Porch. 


The hallway leading from the play room to the World's Smallest Half Bath (that is decorated like an Up North cottage). Seriously. I can't even take a picture in there case it's so small. Needless to say this hallway and it's wasted space and the teeny tiny bathroom are on the top of our list to renovate. We want to use half this hall to create a full bathroom downstairs. 


Just off the Lower Level is the Basement Basement. The cement floor, furnace and storage basement. But look at all this storage...


And hopefully the will become the music studio room. 


Now onto Upstairs. The Upper Level. Top Floor. Where the Bedrooms Are. 

The bathroom is huge y'all. And this tub, original to the house, is big enough for me to take a bath and be fully immersed. It's incredible. 


The opposite side of the room. And yes, that's a washer and dryer. Second floor laundry?! What what!! Sadly the little utility sink is too small for the capacity of the washing machine. And in the first five days of living here the sink backed up, overflowed and came spilling out of the ceiling of the play room. Other than that the single sink vanity is super tall and tiled. I loathe tiled countertops. The thought is to take out the sink, plumb the washing machine drain directly into the wall, remove the half wall, install a double sink vanity and enclose the washer dryer into a closet with bi-fold door. It's going to be quite the project...


The Guest Room (for now anyways). Check out that accent wall and gross carpet. And the lovely homeowners even let this bed for us. Wasn't that kind? 


And here's the Girls Bedroom. Look at that Oscar the Grouch colored wall. What is with all the accent walls. Also note the scuzzy carpet. 


Here's a little peak into the awesome closets in all the bedrooms. All have floor to ceiling top-of-the-line built-ins. In some ways this entire home is made of built-ins. The original owner must have been a carpenter or contractor or something cause the house is full of storage. And you can see a hint of that gorgeous wood floor just waiting to be rescued. 


And last but certainly not least...The Master Bedroom. Those this room is SO huge I can't fit into a single photo. But aren't the floors just glowing thanks to those peach walls? 


And there you have it folks. The bare bones empty house that we fell so madly in love with. Can you see it? The raw potential of the place? I can't wait to start showing you how things are starting to look now that we've been here a while. Stayed tuned!!