Friday Favorites: Office Chairs

Welcome to Friday Favorites where each week 2 Sisters bring you their favorite home design and decor pieces (complete with shopping links)!

This week we tackle something we all rub our butts on but don't really think too deeply about: the good ole office chair. We all know and love those big cushy adjustable models, right? But if you're as design-obsessed as we are, not just any old chair will do. But is it possible to find an office chair with style, good form AND comfort? Let's investigate...


In putting together our home we had a pretty tricky design dilemma, the dreaded wide open rectangular room. It needed to serve several purposes. As a playroom for the kids, a family room for us to hang out downstairs together, a reading area for the kids, an over-flow guest room, a mini-mudroom off the garage AND office area. 

In packing so much into one space it has been super important to keep everything relating to one another without losing the fun and whimsy of it being first and foremost an area for the kids to hang out. 

Just the other day we pulled the trigger on this desk from Ikea.

Clean, simple, shiny and modern. Plus it fits right under the window and is super narrow. In short. Perfection. 

Clean, simple, shiny and modern. Plus it fits right under the window and is super narrow. In short. Perfection. 

When it came to a chair to put in front of this desk I had just assumed I would put the antique wooden school chair I have in storage in front of it. It's red and just the right kind of beat-up. But when Tre asked what kind of office chair I was going to get, it occurred to me that maybe there were other options. 

And thus began the battle of Colorful vs. Midcentury. Dun dun dun. (It sounded way more dramatic in my head).

Office Chairs Collage.jpg

On one hand, particularly in keeping with the bright, multi-colored aesthetic of the playroom portion of the room the top three chairs were just calling to me. 

TOP ROW From L to R:

1. SKRUVSTA in Majviken multicolor from Ikea $149. It's bold. It's brightly patterned and would cover a multitude of childhood messes and whatnot. Also very comfy (Cedella and I both sat in it at Ikea yesterday) and it swivels and rolls. Kind of an all around winner. The problem? Is it TOO much color? Would I get sick of the pattern in a really short amount of time? Those are my biggest concerns. 

2. Safco Zenergy Ball Chair in Grass at $118. It's weird. Definitely. But aren't you intrigued? Cause I am. An exercise ball that actually has a base on it so you're seated and not rolling all about but your still engaging your abs while you sit. Think there's Weight Watchers Activity Points for sitting on this chair? Cause if there is, I'm totally getting it. Then again, I'm pretty sure one of my kids would pop it within the first 48 hours of it being in our home. 

3. PATRIK in Ullevi blue from Ikea $149. It's clean and modern and turquoise. Midcentury styling and yet playfully colorful. The drawback? Stationary, so now wiggling, swiveling or ab toning would be happening in this chair. And really, is it too safe and boring?

And on the other hand we live in a 1960s's tri-level house full of midcentury modern pieces and style. With a crisp light bluish-gray on the walls, a charcoal tufted sofa, and white Ikea furniture fleshing out the rest of the space, maybe the room needed some warmth added back in. The warmth of the wood on the next three pieces really do it for me.


1. MAHOGANY KONRAD OFFICE CHAIR at World Market $170 (on sale right now for $99). It's simple lines and warm wood tones are just delicious. Traditional but modern. And it swivels. But how long would I want to sit on that chair? Would definitely need a cushion or something. 

2. CAMPAIGN CHAIR at World Market $130 (on sale right now for $99). This is like some lovely little French antique. Perfectly aged-looking curved wood. Would bring a bit of a more collected feeling to the area and add warmth to all the straight lines of the desk and shelving unit. But to me it looks a bit too much like a café dining chair and not a desk chair, know what I mean?

3. 'Rika' Stained Bentwood Upholstered Desk Chair in Black at $214. This chair may have just changed my life. It's gorgeous. Like the Eames lounger of office chairs. I am 1000% in love with this chair. Sleek and modern yet that lovely warm bentwood frame. Think would fit perfectly with the look of the room and add just enough wood to break up the white. But damn if it's not the most expensive one on the list. 

Now I have a lot of thinking to do. Let's check out Tracey's picks.


So here's the desk that I'm working with. It's hard to tell from the photo, but it actually has a great, vintage feel to it, even though it's topped with a sheet of modern frosted glass. 

I linked the desk to the Kohl's website, which had it for $50.00 less than, which is where I originally purchased it.

I linked the desk to the Kohl's website, which had it for $50.00 less than, which is where I originally purchased it.

It's actually not that far off in overall design from Ali's new desk. It can go it any room and match any paint color. I'm looking for something armless on casters that compliments the desk's vintage vibe. 

Polyvore is amazing for organizing furniture picks. Check this set out here.

Polyvore is amazing for organizing furniture picks. Check this set out here.

TOP ROW from L to R:

1. Vintage Olive Desk Chair from Etsy. ($99.00) You know this thing is rock solid. It's true that they don't make them like they used to. If shipping wasn't an issue, I might snap this up right now. I love the heavy base. It probably smells like cigarette smoke. I'm really in love.

2. Mid-back Navy Mesh Task Chair from Amazon. ($106.00) I actually have this same chair now in yellow, which was a TERRIBLE color choice. Really, the worst idea. It is filthy. You'd think I bathed in dirt. But really, my office chair gets such heavy use I need a darker color or a more forgiving fabric that will endure through the long hall. But the chair is a snap to put together and the price is right on. I'd buy it again for sure.

3. Vintage Toledo Dining Chair in Grey Enamel from Restoration Hardware. ($249.00) So stunning. And the most expensive pick on the list (which knocks it straight out of the running). Damn you budget. But come on. It's amazing!


1. Peyton Airgo Armless Chair from PBTeen. ($159.00) A little pattern can make a room. I like the classic navy interlocking pattern. It's hard to tell the scale for sure but this does seem like a chair for smaller asses. That might be an issue. Overall, it's cool and unexpected.

2. Armless Wood Bankers Chair from OSP Designs. ($148.00, but I've seen it much cheaper other places) I'd paint this if I purchased it. And why not? The sky's the limit when you've got a blank slate like a plain wooden chair. Just not sure if this chair is retro leaning my way, or in more of the traditional way. Still an option, though.

3. Ginnie Orange Office Chair from Habitat. ($120.00) I like that like chair recalls Eames-style mid century chairs, but is upholstered for comfort. Plus, the color is killer. Shipping from the UK, though.... a possible dealbreaker.


1. Orange Retro Desk Chair from Craigslist. ($50.00) I'm kicking myself for not finding this sooner. I've already emailed to see if it's still available, 15 days later. Errrr. This chair is a classic, and, as the ad suggests, evokes the Mad Men era perfectly. *Fingers crossed it hasn't sold yet.*

2. Navy Class Act Desk Chair from Land of Nod. ($179.00) Yes, it's regular people size. I checked. It has a similar shape to the orange chair from Habitat, but a bit wider and more streamlined. Plus a great, mid-tone navy never hurt anyone. 

3. Vintage Industrial Swivel Chair from Ebay. ($99.00) A bit like the Etsy pick, but without the heaviness. I like the detail on the back. And of course the color is killer. Less than $20.00 for shipping, too. And it's a "Make Me and Offer" pick, so it may be gettable for less than $100.00 if you negotiate.

Looks like both Ali and I have some decisions to make. Overall, I'm more likely to go with a Craigslist or Ebay find than anything. Nothing but true vintage captures the collected, eclectic look I love. What do you think? What's your pick for best budget office chair? Tell us in a comment!

UPDATE FROM TRACEY: I scored the Retro desk chair from Craigslist for $30.00! The serach (at least for me) is officially over.