Friday Favorites: Second hand scores

Welcome to Friday Favorites where each week 2 Sisters bring you their favorite home design and decor pieces (complete with shopping links or in this case links to our favorite shops)!

When it comes to thrifting/garage sale shopping/garbage picking we Sims Sisters were quite literally born to second hand treasure hunt. Mom & Dad Sims used to have a comic book/jewelry booth at the Dixieland Flea Market just outside of Pontiac, MI. Like the awesome hippies they were they would bring Ali along to the flea market every weekend, setting up her playpen between the dusty vintage paperbacks, Fiestaware and rusty old farm tools. 

Mom Sims has, to this date, only NOT stopped at a garage sale if she's on her way to work or a wedding. She has also garbage picked from such prime spots as the curb in front of Ali's middle school boyfriend's house and across the street from Tracey's bff's house. And while we may have long since forgiven her for those indiscretions, it certainly made a lasting impression. One person's garbage is another's treasure. 

But when it comes to our own personal grown-up style both of us believe in filling our homes with lovely vintage pieces, scored for pennies and collected on various adventures. Knowing that the most wonderful and perfect pieces are just waiting for us out there, naturally we have to thrift well and often. In short... we live to thrift. 

One thing was fairly certain when Ali moved to Lansing: it was all a bit dated. She called it The Land That Time Forgot. A lot of areas of Lansing look a bit like towns Up North in an untouched and old school way. It's bizarre. But now we like to think of it as the Thrifting Jackpot, the whole time capsule effect means that Lansing is bursting with vintage goodies that no one knows what to do with.

There are 2 giant Volunteers of America thrift stores (half off everything the last Tuesday of the month), a really nice new Salvation Army store and a handful of incredible stand-alone antique shops and thrift stores. But none perhaps as nostalgic, as quirky, and as packed full of goodness as The Mega Mall. 

We've made some excellent scores there every single time we've gone. And it has that disorganized, packed-to-the-rafters feeling of the Dixieland Flea Market of our childhood. 


Now that I've got a house to intentionally buy for it makes the 'hunt' a little more focused and controlled. Even though I always end up with one or two things that I didn't intend on buying but could not live without. 

On the list was a mirror for the girls room (larger in size and an interesting shape), some fabric or textile to cover the vanity stool in my bedroom and a good chair or side table. And the Always List? Vintage cameras and globes, small bowls, vessels and midcentury glassware to prop out bookshelves, tabletops and such. 

But perhaps what we were really looking for was just a good time. Digging through junk and lost treasures? Sounds like a blast. Apparently Isora is just as thrilled about thrifting. 


Cedella...well...not so much. Apparently thrifting makes her exhausted. 


Here's a look at what I took home. 

1. A David Kleis Print (dated 1965). Wasn't looking for it but I was wildly attracted to this print. Like kept putting it back and coming back to it attracted. It is signed and numbered by a local Lansing artist from the 60's that was a gay rights activist. A lot more than I would usually pay for a piece of art. But something about it that I just couldn't pass on. It's resting on my bar cart now waiting for the right frame and spot on the wall. 


2. A Funky Little Mirror. So this was the one list item I actually found. It isn't exactly what I was looking for but the price was right to experiment with a paint treatment or two. 

3. A Pretty Petal Bowl. Every time I see a petal bowl I buy it. I have several but just couldn't pass up this one that's pretty large and works great with my robin's egg and turquoise color scheme. 

4. A Globe Lamp. Cause why the hell not? Am I right? It was on super clearance and we found it as we were walking out. So glad we looked at that one last aisle. In my mind I want an entire collection of vintage globes all over the basement (this is one of two large ones with a few little ones thrown in). This lamp fits that collection perfectly and provides some welcome soft light in the corner next the the desk/printer area. 


1. Mid-century stool. Sorry for the rough picture, but it was taken on the fly inside my storage unit. Coincidentally, if you look in the background, you can see a neon yellow and grey stool about the same scale. I plan to paint/recover these in similar tones to stash under a coffee table in my future living room. That's me. Always planning ahead. 

2. Schoolhouse chair, circa 1960. This chair has a unique structure. Ali and I are going to paint the metal back/leg top pieces as well as the seat in a vibrant color and refinish the legs/backrest in the same honey tone. I'm excited to get this project going. 

3. Eleanor, artist unknown. Over the last few years, I've begun collecting original oil paintings. I'm especially interested in portraiture. This lovely lady with the long long neck I've named Eleanor because she reminds me a bit of the late great Mrs. Roosevelt. Isn't she gorgeous?

THE ONES THAT GOT AWAY... (aka what we will be looking to bargain for the next time we hit up the Mega Mall). 

Six Thonet dining chairs. Absolutely gorgeous stain, nice wide seats, sturdy as hell and not too many scratches or scuffs. These would be perfect for Tracey's new dining room. But alas we didn't have the funds or space for these at the time.  Also...that rug. A beautiful little Oriental rug. Ali really wanted this one. It was priced a bit high though. Maybe it will be on sale next time?

Gorgeous Portrait. Tracey has a great collection of portraits happening right now. This one, the size, the era, the colors, would have been great. But again, money and space were an issue. See you again pretty lady. 

Everything in this booth! Not really, but isn't it well styled? There was a lovely little white teapot with gold polka dots that was crying out to be brought home. And the wildest most colorful kaftan ever. And a zillion wacky pillows and needlepoints. It's like Auntie Mame's walk-in closet. This booth will definitely get a visit next time. 

So now that you've seen our Mega Mall scores, don't you want to make the trip? What is on your Always List for the thrift store or flea market? Wanna take a visit with us sometime? That can definitely be arranged...