Friday Favorites: Ramen noodle budget coffee tables

Welcome to Friday Favorites where each week 2 Sisters bring you their favorite home design and decor pieces complete with shopping links.

You put drinks on it. That's what coffee tables are for, right? Well, in theory yes. In real life--at least in our lives anyway--coffee tables are much more than that. They are a dinner table, purse dumping ground, footrest, laundry folding station, desk, remote control landing bay, mail sorting station, toy corral and game table. And sometimes, a place to put a cup of coffee.

So coffee tables have the potential to be the most useful piece of furniture in your living room. Even so, we gotta save money where we can. So here are 2 Sisters' picks for the best coffee table ideas under $200.00.


I like a streamlined, mostly non-wood coffee table. I also like a traditional rectangular shape. Rounds and squares are okay, but I like the shape of the table to mimic the shape of the sofa that it's in front of. Unfussy and clean-lined. And of course something that's tall enough to use as a dining table and light enough to move around at will. How else do you get to the rug to vacuum up all the Taco Bell crumbs? I live like a bachelor dude mostly. I should be more embarrassed about that than I am. Here's the ones I've been loving lately.

From left:

TOP ROW: Adesso Network from All Modern. Lennox Chrome and Faux Wood from Overstock. PS 2012 from IKEA.

MIDDLE ROW: Owen Retro from Overstock. Marshall 2-shelf Rolling Cart from Overstock. VITTSJÖ from IKEA.

BOTTOM ROW: Safavieh Roscoe at All Modern. Sauder Soft Modern at All Modern. Safavieh Clint at All Modern.


Unlike Tracey I'm a big fan on NOT eating at our coffee table. In fact, the table I recently purchased is the first legit coffee table I've had in YEARS.

When Cedella was a baby we moved into the 'ottoman-as-coffee-table mode' because, well, tables have corners to crack baby heads on, and foot stools do not. 

But now that we have two reasonably stable-on-their-feet children a coffee table in our grown-up living room was a must. There was one I lusted after for years and years. This acrylic wonder (not Ramen budgeted beauty) now lives in our home ::swoon:: 

So here's what I'm crushing on now...

From left:

TOP ROW: Mid Century Modern from Target. Threshold Windham from Target. 4040 Locust Factory from Urban Outfitters.

MIDDLE ROW: Somme Distressed Oak from Overstock. Monarch Specialities from Wayfair. Mirrored Coffee Table from Target.

BOTTOM ROW: Magical Thinking Folding Table at Urban Outfitters. Bamboo Table (from Vietnam) at Overstock. Andalucia Leather/Walnut Bench at Overstock.

Like Tracey I prefer streamlined and rectangular. And I HATE glass tables. They're evil. Well, not really but they are just NOT kid or family friendly.

And I love a good under shelf (second shelf?). Somewhere to put more junk. Now, just because you have a second shelf doesn't mean it should LOOK junky. Put all those pretty coffee table books or issues of Fast Company and Redbook down there in organized stacks. Well, at least when company comes over, k?

I adore the simple wood midcentury table. It's classic and can be dressed up or down. Think of it as the perfect fitting white button-up shirt of coffee tables.  Along the same lines that pretty robin's egg blue table is super classic and just colorful enough. And the metal UO table? So. Cool. Like Bachelor Pad cool.

But I am always looking for something with a little something special. Like reclaimed wood and X legs. Or that mirrored table. Sure you'd never keep finger prints off of it. Imagine the first five minutes it was out of the box and it just sparkles like the sun. Worth it? Perhaps. 

How about that crazy beautiful Moroccan tea table from UO? Gah. Love that piece. It would not have worked in my space but it is so gorgeous. I'm always looking for ways to add ethnic touches and bits of turquoise. This would fill both bills. 

And I know, I know, that bamboo one is all kinds of Golden Girls. But imagine that spray painted glossy black or better It would be killer! And it's only about $100. Someone needs to buy it asap. 

Had to throw in one ottoman piece too. In front of a long couch or sectional, with a couple of trays on top? It would be brilliant. And so welcoming to feet and butts (which according to my children should be a requirement for a decent coffee table...sit-ability).  

So, what are you favorites? What do you look for in a coffee table?