Nummer House: Eclecticlassic bathroom inspiration

Just days away from moving into my new house and I'm already thinking about all the amazing projects I'm going to take on. The kitchen and bathroom are, of course, the priority. Right now, they're both in an early-90's state of "country" that reminds me WAY too much of Mom's house growing up (sorry Mom!).

As a first-time homeowner, I am hesitant to involve myself in any major construction projects... especially when I first move in. Luckily the updates needed with this property are mostly cosmetic. So aside from eventually springing for new countertops and backsplash tile in the kitchen (way) down the road (when I have more cash), it's paint, shelf-hanging and vinyl tiling for the win.

Not too long ago, Ali and I shared our fave bathrooms. Writing that post gave me the kick in the pants I needed to really start thinking about the style I'd be willing to commit to for my own makeover.

Right now, I'm focused on a black, white and grey pallet with striped accents and some quirky accessories. But first, the dreaded BEFORE pics. Just remember that these were taken during a quick walk-through and none of the items or style choices are mine. Also, these were taken with my iPhone (plus one stolen from a real estate website) and not retouched in any way. Because laziness. 

You can see the dated linoleum in this one. It will be replaced with peel-and-stick vinyl in a half-width stripe pattern, a la Orlando Soria. The pendant sink also stays. I actually like pendant sinks. Their limited flat surface is a good way to keep down on visual clutter.

bathroom fixture and mirror.JPG

Those butterflies and 70's coke den light fixture kill me... destined for the scrap heap. The ceiling will be painted a light grey and the walls bright white. This is also a good shot of the top of the massive, tiled in medicine cabinet that's original to the house.


See? A massive, mirrored beaut. And that's just ONE SIDE! Gah! I love this thing. 

bathroom wall to right of sink.JPG

The existing tile is not that thrilling: rectangular, offset white porcelain with scroll-y accent tile. It could've been worse, I guess. I realized after reading this awesome Young House Love tutorial that I can replace the scroll-y tile with shiny black ones without gutting the rest of the tile completely. Score!

The toilet will get a black wooden seat and the white part of the faucet handles with be replaced with polished nickel ones. 

Overall, the look I'm going for is what I'd like to call eclecticlassic. Yes, I made that word up. And yes, I am too clever to live thankyouverymuch.

As I see it, eclecticlassic is a mix of furniture, textures and finishes from a wide variety of eras and styles all tempered with a classic design feel. Classic style is defined by balance and symmetry. The color combinations are simple and neutral. Clean and refined. 

So the look is a classic color combination (black, white, grey), and clean, white-tile combined with offbeat accent pieces, stripes and polished nickel. Anyway, I'll shut up now and get to the pretties. 

This board is best viewed directly on Polyvore.

This board is best viewed directly on Polyvore.

So here's the laundry list of what needs to happen to make this all possible:

  • Vinyl tile over existing linoleum.  
  • Paint ceiling silvery-grey.  
  • Paint walls bright white. 
  • Remove accent tiles and replace with black accent tiles.  
  • Regrout bathroom in black. 
  • Update faucet handles on sink and in tub.  
  • Hang four floating shelves above toilet. 
  • Add in shower curtain, roller shade and light fixture.  
  • Add art and accessories.  
  • Do the Dance of Joy.   

So there it is. The plan for my eclecticlassic bathroom. I can't to share the progress with you guys. That is when there is, um, progress.