Quick Fix: New Light Fixture with a DIY Twist

If there were ever a group called the "I Hate Ceiling Fans" club, I would be the first one to join up. They're dusty, dirty, almost always out dated. Sometimes they wobble on their mounts, as if the may fall and slice your face off at any moment. This thought is utterly terrifying. 

I think you see where this it going. Of course I bought a house with not one but FOUR frakkin' ceiling fans. FOUR!! One uglier and more terrifying than the last. And the worst one? Right over my bed. Shit.

So what's a girl to do when faced with such horror? Thankfully, I've pretty great at replacing light fixtures on my own. To date, there are already six new fixtures in my house. All installed by yours truly. Once you get the basics down, it's hard to screw up the install.

I've been living with this demon beast for three months now.

The only thing holding me back was finding a suitable replacement. Every time I thought I found one I liked at a fair price, I changed design direction and had to start over. But now that I have a solid look I'm going with, I finally bought a fixture that had been dwindling in my Amazon cart for months.

Find this on amazon.com.

Find this on amazon.com.

It was just $60.00 and was here in two days. The only problem? That goddamn "Antique Bronze" finish. What it with this finish? It's everywhere, but it's never consistent from one manufacturer to another. I'm okay with it when it's an almost black brown. But sometimes it come with a worn, antiqued look, which can be super cheesy on a modern fixture like this one. I purchased it knowing that I may have to paint it to get the look I want.

It came, and I immediately knew I'd be painting it. But what color? I though about flat black, which I'd used to update my hallway fixtures a few months back. But then I remembered that tube of Rub 'n Buff I had lying around. I pulled it out and ten minutes later, the fixture went from this...

o this.

So much better.

Let's get to it, shall we? Here's the obligatory BEFORE one more time.

I have to make a note here. I was always under the impression that taking down a ceiling fan was difficult. That it required two people minimum and you'd have to basically disassemble it while it hung in the air. This was not the case with either of the ceiling fans I've taken down so far I just unattached the outside mount from the inside mount with my screwdriver thing and the whole piece of crap was off in about two minutes. Now my other two ceiling fans are newer, larger and look much more complicated. I may run into some larger issues taking those two down by myself. Thankfully, that's a problem for another day.

A beautifully naked ceiling. I almost left it this way.

The ceilings in my house are pretty low, so already it felt good to not have that giant fear-mongering scab above my head. But onto the new pretty...

Here's the fixture itself. Figuring out how the mounting plate goes into the ceiling part is usually tricky, especially when you're dealing with partially updated electrics, but this went very quickly. It was up in about five minutes. Then I grabbed the shade part and the lightbulbs. Wait a minute. Shit.

See that?

Yeah, that's not a normal light socket. It's some kind of weird, new thing. I didn't even take that into account when I bought it, and I didn't notice anything unusual when I was painting OR installing it. This is what happens when you don't read the fine print... or when you're too busy laughing at the Gilmore Guys podcast to pay attention while you're painting. But the news here could've been worse. Within ten minutes, I'd found out the part I needed and ordered it with express shipping. It'll be here tomorrow. Disaster averted.

 In the meantime, I went ahead and mounted the shade.


So pretty. And very soon, fully functional. Another DIY triumph from the 2 Sisters. High fives all around.