Hulett House: New Year New Projects

It's 2015! We've owned our midcentury tri-level for nearly 8 months now and we've done a lot to make it our own, including painting nearly every wall, ripping out old carpeting, tearing out built-ins to create a Book Nook for the kids, hanging new shelves, mounting our TV, installing new light fixtures and a ton of new furniture. 

But even with all that with all that progress there are still so. many. projects. to be done in this home to make it truly our own. 

The biggest three projects we still need to tackle would be a full-on kitchen remodel, turning our downstairs half-bath into a guest bath with shower and updating the upstairs bath. And while we currently working on planning and budgeting for the kitchen, I know it's going to be a long, arduous and expensive project.

So for the first part of 2015 I want some 'instant' gratification. And by instant I mean a week or two. to focus on truly 'finishing' two rooms in our house that need some help. 

First up? The Master bedroom. It's in a sad, disheveled state. 

We bought a huge bed and frame, scored a lovely flokati rug on Craigslist, DIY-ed a pair of campaign-style nightstands, hung a mirror and installed a new ceiling fan (to replace the broken one we inherited with the house). And that my friends was the extent of our bedroom decorating. This is what it looks, most of the time. As I said. Sad. 

It's been making me nuts. Totally insane. So I've decided that's the first project to take on. Here's the list of what I still want to do in the room:

1. Make these curtain rods. We need curtains in this room. Bad. It just looks so much more finished with curtains. And I'd love to get dressed without flashing the office workers in the parking lot behind our house. I found these West Elm curtain rods that I am in love with but they are way too expensive. Aren't they pretty? Then I found this incredible DIY version courtesy of 3A Design Studio that I will be working on this weekend. Should cost around $40 per rod as opposed to $99 (and most of that is for the gorgeous brass ballet barre hardware to hang them). SCORE. 

2. Hang white curtains. I received many sets of sheer white curtains for a Christmas gift, but the quality is less than special. I found them on Amazon, put them on my wish list and they are just not great. Then I remembered I bought a pair of Ikea Vivian white heavier fabric curtains on our last trip. They will do just fine. 

3. Hang some ART. I received this huge and incredible vintage oil painting for my birthday from Tracey and our Mom. But other than that there's not a stitch on the walls. It's BORING. So I bought two prints by Caleb Troy from, to go above the nightstands on either side of the bed. Here's a peek:

4. New TV for our room. We've been going without a TV in our room for 8 months, and while it seems like it would be peaceful, we just end up watching the ipad or even our phones in bed anyways. Especially during these freezing winter nights when I want nothing more than to cuddle up in bed and watch Scandal. (WE BOUGHT ONE THIS WEEKEND FOR AN ABSOLUTE STEAL AT BEST BUY!! Sorry for shouting but it's SOOOOOO exciting!!) 

5. Create leaning photo gallery above the TV. Isn't this a cool look? I already have a couple of long white Ikea picture ledges. And I have a few art pieces, included tons of black and white photos I've taken on our travels, picked out for that spot. So this is merely a matter of execution. And the best part is being able to rotate the art as I find new pieces or get tired of old ones. Even more reason to be scouring the Mega Mall for unique pieces very very soon. 

via Stylizimo.

via Stylizimo.

6. DIY a bench for the end of the bed. Using THIS tutorial via Dwellings by Devore. Only I want to upholster the top with a worn-in, beat-up cognac leather. I have NO idea where to find a large enough piece of leather for this project that won't cost a small fortune but I am determined. I just have to figure out how many yards I need and convert that to sq ft of leather. Guess I'll be dusting off my remedial math skills. 

7. Touch up the trim around all the windows. Tons of the trim paint peeled off while we were removing tape. Not sure what happened there but it's an eye sore. I mean just looking at those giant patches of that damn peach makes me twitchy. Must. Be. Painted. 

Second one? The Girls Room. Again. 

Here's the Girls Room as it is now-ish.

Sadly, since that picture was taken, one of their beds broke. Like snapped all the wall down one of the side supports. So we find ourselves in the market for new beds.

Then I started looking around for another pair of beds and it would have been more expensive than buying bunk beds. And bunk beds really frees up the floor space in there. 

So bunk beds it is. But with bunk beds and more floor space comes some other long awaited projects we need to accomplish. 

1. Order and assemble the bunk beds. We are looking at these on Amazon. They are super cheap, get decent reviews, are pretty neutral (style-wise) and have a trundle bed (just perfect for sleepovers). At only $500ish if they last for a few years (by then I'm sure we'll want to change it anyways) we will be truly satisfied. 

2. New Rug! This bad boy is on back order but will be coming to us as soon as its back in stock. Can't even handle how great this will look in there!! 

3. Hang curtain 'closet doors'. We took the heavy sliding doors off of their closet. It was one of my #1's in their room because little fingers + heavy sliding doors x two sisters = fingers and heads getting smashed into the door. For real. Hanging these curtains up as the new 'closet doors' will definitely soften up the room and add a little sparkle. 

4. Add more storage and toys back to the room. Shifting the beds to one way will give us way more leeway with adding some toys into the room. And give Cedella the ability to have a place to go and hide away from her sister when she wants to. Cause she's almost-five going on fifteen.  

5. Create an 'office' area for Cedella. Something she's pretty obsessed with right now is making little 'offices' all over the house. So I think she's really just crying out for her own personal desk area. And certainly a desk will be helpful in the future as she gets started with school next year. A cool vintage desk and chair will be something I'm on the lookout for at the Mega Mall, garage sales and Craigslist. 

6. HANG ART!!! God all the naked walls in our house are making me bananas. I have a couple of lovely pieces I've been hanging onto for these girls, including the most colorful and cool Adele gig poster (a signed Kii Arends print, yay!) evah and a sweet mirror Tracey gave me that I painted radiant orchid (to match the ceiling) last summer. Along with a few pieces they had in their old space and a few new Etsy finds their walls are going to be super cool.  

7. Keep an eye out for reasonable window coverings. Considered finding white black-out roman shades. Then I looked, at balked at the prices and decided to stick with the hideous forest greens ones that are already there for a while longer. I'll be stalking Amazon for these to go down a bit. And look at Ikea while we're there. 

And with that the two big bedrooms will be DONE!!! Well, done until the next time we need a change. The plan is to complete these projects by March and well before our one-year home-versary.

Tell us about your house plans for the year!! Any rooms you're planning on redecorating or renovating? We'd love to hear about them!!