Hulett House: The Girls' Room 2.0 - The Reveal

Sooooooo...this was supposed to be "yesterday" but let's just pretend it's Saturday again, ok? Cause I know you've been waiting with bated breath to see the Ella and Izzie's room in all of its total glory. Your wait is over...

Wanna see how all of this lovely girly bedroom came to be? You can read all about it HERE. 

Let's just remember how it looked BEFORE...

It feels like ALL bed and NO room! 

Now let's take a look at the new and more spacious bedroom for two, AFTER... 

Look at all that floor!!! And here are the bunk beds...

Even though the beds can't be 'made' all fancy and cute how I'd like them, I think the PB Teen duvets still look really fun, even all smushed up at the end of the bed and around the rails. But damn if these kids don't have entirely too many stuffed animals. I swear they're like Gremlins. They multiply in the dark.  

Let's talk another look at all that beautiful floor space and that rug!!

What I really love about this room is how full of light and color it is. The white walls really glow in the afternoon. And All. Those. Pink. Toys. just blend in and look like part of the accessories. Even the Vicki's Secret bag (holding some of Cedella's very private items such a stickers, chapstick and a diary) seems to match the rug. 

The little nightstand fit perfectly in this corner, though I may slide the bunks down to push up against it so it doesn't feel like such a tiny island back there. But it does hold all the late night essentials, like Baby Lit books, Kleenex and water bottles. 

Also please notice how it's so glowy in the room at this time of day that the Radiant Orchid ceiling is actually tinting the walls this pretty pinkish tone. 

Sadly this picture and lighting does not do this chair any justice. It is a gorgeous fuchsia color, not red as it appears in this pic (thanks a lot Photoshop). But topped with a vintage quilt and my quilted name pillow from when I was a kid, it looks so comfy and inviting. This is where bedtime stories happen. And despite the disaster area their book shelf has become (my inner librarian is screeching at that disorder), you can just make out their absolute favorite book of the moment, "The Book With No Pictures". It's brilliant. My Eiffel Tower lamp from years ago, more Baby Lit books, a sweet deer book end and a Minnie Mouse snowglobe round out that vignette. 

One of the things we loved about this house when we first saw it was how much storage it had built in. All of the closets came complete with custom closet systems. It easily stores both girls things in an organized way that makes everything so easy to access and put away.

Sadly, the big beautiful original wood sliding closet doors had to go. They were way too heavy and just pulled the room down, not to mention made me so nervous that one of kids was going to get a finger, foot or head slammed in that door sooner than later. So these lovely curtain from Land of Nod were a perfect fit for a pseudo-closet door without any slamming capability. 

Here is the lovely vintage dresser I swiped from Tracey, painted to match the ceiling. It's hung relatively low, well, as low as it could be, so the girls can look into it when standing on their little stool that their grandfather made for them. And while there's a bit of space above it that needs filling, right now, it's just perfect. 

I tried desperately to style the top of the dresser, and every single thing I put together the girls immediately destroy and make into something else. And pay no attention to the sideways-lady-in-the-frame. I have a pic of the girls on the way. 

I just love this corner. I can see the girls enjoy this space for years to come. Except for one thing...the damn blinds. These awful forest green blinds need to be replaced, but we love the blackout aspect. I'm on the hunt for reasonably priced white roman shades with blackout lining. You find any? Let me know! 

Here's where the gallery wall ended up. The centerpiece of which is this precious pic of the girls when Isora was 2 months old. The tiger print I found at a thrift store years ago and have been waiting to hang it every since. The other images were Etsy finds. And Tracey has designed a 'Be Brave' print that will hang in the bottom left corner. 

My favorite pieces? The Camel and the Owl. These are brilliant ACEOs (Art Collectibles Editions Originals) lovingly created by my friend Kate Cosgrove. You should buy some of her art. Because she's not only is she one of the coolest and smartest and funniest people I know but she happens to be the best artist that I know. And she draws a mean brown Jesus. Check out more of her work HERE

And here's the gold dot wall. Kind of haphazard but not nearly as dense on the top as I hoped it would be. So that will get augmented this weekend at some point. 

Yea, this poor wall got absolutely no gold dot love. Coming soon...

All the pretty things have a home and a place to be. It's the perfect place to set up an American Girl slumber party or take all the babies on a picnic. They have spent a majority of their time playing up in their room since we put in the bunk beds. 

But this. This thing is taunting me. It is even more hideous than the forest green blinds. I am on the hunt for the perfect fixture but I really love having a fan in their room, especially in the warmer months. Find me a modern white ceiling fan, would ya?

So that's it. There's a couple of pieces for the wall that are being framed, but other than that this is just how I envisioned their room. It's bright and airy, spacious and colorful, warm and fun. Perfect for two sassy little girls to grow and play in. 

Now, be honest, do you love it as much as I do? Do you wish this had been your room growing up? What was your childhood bedroom like?

P.S. I didn't make a source list for their room because I'm lazy. But let me know if you want info about any of the items used in the room, and of course things like paint colors I could rattle off for you. Cheers!!