QUICK FIX: An Updated Front Door

Oh how I so thoroughly enjoy looking back at the dismal "before" photos of my house. 

Those green walls went within a few weeks of moving in. This door, however, was another story.

I wish I had a non-paint-test photo of it, but it's looked like this for literal months while I've worked on other projects. 

But finally, the time has come.The gross, tobacco-yellowed oak finish would die.  

I'd already updated the worn old brass hardware with a simple black set and sprayed the security flap lock thing with coordinating spray paint. So I picked a deep, rich grey, Behr's "Intellectual"...

...and got to work. This was one of the easiest paint jobs I've ever done. Mostly because I finally caved and bought an expensive, high quality paint brush just for this job. It was completely worth it. I am now and forever a good quality paint brush convert!

Two coats and done. 

It's so pretty I want to hold its hand and show it off in the hallways between classes. 

I can't wait to use this color to paint my entire dining room and all the baseboards in the living room and kitchen. I love it so.