Baby Boy Galaxy Far Away Nursery

::thump thump thump:: Is this thing on? 

Hey folks!! It's been a minute, huh?

Well, I know many of you have been keeping up with the progress of Tracey's Kitchen and Bathroom remodels on the Facebook page, but have you been wondering what's up with Ali's Hulett House?

Well, have no fear. There is a big project in the works in our next of the woods. 

So big in fact it's nine months in the making...

We're welcoming a little boy to our family some time in May!! 

I know many already know this, but if you're like me, when I'm not pregnant I often forget that others ARE pregnant, for like ever. Seriously, pregnancy seems like a never-ending condition and then suddenly (or not so suddenly) one day you're holding a baby and wondering when you're ever going to sleep or shower again. But I digress...

One of the most thrilling and perhaps maddening parts of being pregnant however? The Nesting. For the uninitiated, Nesting is a common occurrence in pregnancy in which you must conquer all home projects and scrub everything and essentially "ready the nest" for the arrival of the new member of the family. 

Some mamas must scrub every inch of baseboardss in their home, others must paint All. The. Things. And still some, like me, decide that it's time to reorganize and redecorate every single room, and make an adorable space to hold all the new baby's crap (cause let's be honest, to get any substantial amount of actual sleep, baby will be in our bedroom for at least six months). 

Since it doesn't sound very "design-y" to call it the Baby's Crap Room, we shall henceforth refer to it as Baby Boy's Nursery. 

I'm not huge on theme nurseries, as in, every item contains an owl or a sports team or a cartoon character. That feels a little dated and heavy handed to me. As does overdoing the "gender" of the room. Meaning, yes my kiddos have a hot pink chair and Radiant Orchid ceiling, that may scream "girly" to some, but if feels a bit more vibrant and glamorous than just "girly". 

That being said I wanted something cool and space age-y, where I could add hints of my favorite fandoms without being a theme room. Does that make sense?

For this project I've already created a Polyvore Inspiration Board because I was literally dreaming of the space. One night I couldn't sleep until I got it all out of my head so I just whipped this bad boy together. 


One of the biggest inspirations was this campaign-style dresser I found on my local Craigslist. I've always kept my eye out for these pieces (and even made some Ikea Hack campaign-style nightstands for our master bedroom) and just about died when I found one that would perfectly fit in the space. It's a bit worse for wear right now. The handles need some shining up and one of the corner brackets needs to be replaced. And the drawers and glides need to be tightened. So yea, a bit of a project. But it's going to be a fabulous blue shiny awesome piece when we're all done with it. 

It's no secret I'm slightly obsessed with navy, and was envious of Tracey's navy blue lower cabinets she had for a hot second. Seriously, my love of navy is edging into my love of turquoise. So it was a no-brainer to dream of painting this campaign dresser a high glass navy as a kind of colorful anchor for the room. 

And to go along with the navy? Plenty of cool, soothing gray, some softer cozy textures and a whole lot of fun metallicy tones to keep everything playful and space-y. 

We have narrowed it down to two paint colors but still haven't made a final decision. The color on the left is WAY too greeny gray, so that's out. The one in the middle is my favorite. It's a warmer, comfy gray, I feel like it will make the space feel like a cozy cocoon. The one on the right is my husband and Tracey's favorite. It's lighter and brighter and should make the space feel bigger than it is. At the end of the day, either one will be fine. I guess I'll just make the call when I'm standing at the hardware store with paint chips in hand...

I'm adding a lot of y's to my words today, aren't I? 

Couldn't wait to add a few fun moments too, like these kick ass reimaginings of the classic Star Wars triology posters, the Han Solo Warhol-esque print, Tardis night light and Ewok terrarium. See, it's still cute and kid-like with some of my favorite fandoms, without being a full-on theme driven room. 

triology prints .jpg

That's why we're calling it The Galaxy Far Far Away Nursery. 

Thanks to a sale at the local hardware store I was able to find the perfect navy blue for the dresser and some potential wall color candidates. 

Initially me and Tracey discussed doing really thick horizontal stripes in light/dark gray on the long windowless/doorless wall where the crib will be situated. But it seemed like a whole lot of work, even to my nesting self. 

Since I know I want to hang the trilogy prints above the crib, I imagined something cool and textural on the wall behind them, a kind of free form star galaxy shape. And since we had a blast with the gold polka dot decals we decorated the girls' wall with, I figured maybe star decals would be perfect. 

But then Tracey had one of her genius inspirations (as she is prone to doing), and came up with doing horizontal rows of decals, as opposed to my lazy idea of just sprinkling stars in a random pattern. It may take a bit more work and planning, but really would be cool, wouldn't it? Here are some of the decals we would love to use for it. 

I think I'm perfectly settled on this gorgeous velvet glider. Doesn't it look smooshy and comfy? For a nursing mom, smooshy and comfy is absolutely essential. 

Now to find the perfect rug. Something with a soft texture under foot and for a little one to roll around on, that still has plenty of style. I'm loving these rag-rug styles, but not sure if they're as sumptuous in texture as what I'm envisioning.

And last to hunt down, a few lamps and an awesome overhead light. Currently there is a broken ceiling fan in the room, and while I know babies LOVE ceiling fans, I just think we need to part with the fan and put up a cooler fixture that we can put on a dimmer. We also need a floor lamp for next to the glider, since I get all my good reading done while nursing. And a table lamp for the dresser/changing area, since no one needs an overhead light while changing a diaper in the middle of the night. 

And since it wouldn't be a 2 Sisters project without a little bit of creative DIY, we are going to think of a way to turn these hanging solar system models into a cool mobile. Using rings and shit. I think that's how I described it to Tracey, lol.

Much of this we will gather over the next couple months from thrift stores, the Mega Mall (Lansing-area super flea market) and Craigslist. But it's just fun to look at it all together as one cohesive piece, isn't it?

And as soon as this weather breaks we will haul all of the guest room furniture out, paint the walls and paint the dresser and things will really feel 'started'. 

But for now, on this snowy winter's day, I'll just keep dreaming of the the fun little accents to add to my sweet boy's room. Like this R2D2 trash can...I die from the creativity and cuteness of this!

So, what do you think? What's your favorite aspect of this inspiration board? And more importantly, what would you do differently? Any rugs you can recommend? 

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day!!